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Technical Information

You should find the following links and PDF files are able to answer the majority of your questions, however, please don't hesitate to give us a ring if you have any further questions.

Plumbing Links

For unvented storage tanks.          Copperform Cylinders

For cold water storage tanks.        Ferham Tanks by Titan (pdf)

For Monument Tools.                    Monument (pdf)

Bathroom Links

For MX Shower Trays.                  MX Shower Trays (pdf)

For Just Trays.                               JT Ultra Cast (pdf)

                                                        JT Merlin (pdf)

For Mira Flight Trays.                  Mira Flight  (pdf)

For Aquacast.                                 Aquacast (pdf)

For Aqua4ma                                 Wet Room Products

Heating Links

For Harlequin Oil Tanks                 Harlequin Oil Tanks

For Titan Oil Tanks                        Titan Oil Tanks

For Baxi Boilers.                             Baxi Boilers

For Biasi Boilers.                            Biasi Boilers

For Glow Worm Boilers.                 Glow Worm Boilers 

For Heatline Boilers.                       Heatline Boilers

For Heatrae Sadia Heating.            Heatrae Sadia

For Rite-Vent Flue Systems           Rite-Vent Flue Systems

The following PDF is the installation manual for the latest Megaflo's.  These are recognisable by their Grey top with Grey control covers.  Please consult the rear of the manual for part numbers.  

                                                            New Megaflo Inst/Spares (pdf)    

For Ideal Boilers.                               Ideal Boilers

For Lead Locs.                                    Lead-Loc

For Main Boilers.                               Main Boilers

For Potterton Boilers.                        Potterton Boilers

For Santon Heating.                           Santon

The attached PDF is the installation manual for the latest Premier Plus.  Please consult the rear of the manual for part numbers.                                 

                                                           Santon Premier Plus (pdf)        

For Speedfit Under Floor Packs       Speedfit U/F

Ultraheat Radiators.                         Heat Loss Calculator

For Vaillant Boilers.                          Vaillant Boilers

For Worcester Boilers.                      Worcester Bosch Boilers