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Hopefully you have seen the special news on Ariston boilers and the availability of an 8 & 10 year warranty.  See the Ariston page for further details.


Fabdec Cylinders

We are now able to supply the wide range of cylinders manufactured by Fabdec, they offer a range of un-vented cylinders with either external or internal expansion.  

Use the link below to visit the Fabdec website for further information.

 Fabdec Website


Giona Inox

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders and

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters 

   We are now able to supply the wide range of un-vented hot water cylinders and air source heat pump water heaters.

See Nigel or Kath for a brochure.



We are now stocking the SALUS iT500 internet thermostat.  Drop in to the unit and pick up a brochure.