ARISTON Boilers and other manufacturers.


We are now stocking a wide range of Ariston Boilers, including the Class Evo with a 5 year warranty (t&c apply).


8 & 10


T&C apply speak to Nigel or Kathy 

 We are also stocking a wide range of flue and control options.


5, 8 & 10 Year Warrenty

(t&c apply) 


Low NOx, Class

Stainless steel heat exchanger

Mechanical time clock as standard

Anti-frost and anti-scale device

LPG conversion kit included

Range of wired and wireless controls

Includes connection kit and filling loop

Built-in automatic by-pass function optimises efficiency of boiler


Intelligent Controls


The Advanced 'AUTO' function ensures intelligent management of the room temperature whilst guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency and offering energy savings.


By pressing the 'AUTO' button on the control panel, the boiler will automatically choose the ideal output for the central heating circuit by gradually increasing the power of the boiler until the room reaches the set temperature, whilst guaranteeing no excessive peaks.


When used in conjunction with the extensive range of controls, the 'AUTO' function ensures greater levels of comfort and savings are achieved.


With the AUTO function activated and by fitting an outdoor sensor, with one of the modulating controls, savings in excess of 6% can be achieved over a standard condensing boiler without similar controls